Laxdal Knives

Tom has been making knives for 25 years. Knife making is an art that involves many skills: shaping high grade stainless steel, tempering steel for flex and extreme hardness, crafting brass bolsters, choosing and applying natural or exotic handle materials, and polishing to bring out luster and shine. Most knives come with a protective sheath of heavy, durable, and decorative leather which is commonly supported on a belt. His knives fall into the basic categories of hunting, filleting, skinning, kitchen chef, and whittling. The purpose of the knife directs its shape, thickness, and blade length. Handle materials vary from natural and exotic wood to horn, synthetic material, and even mammoth tusk. The handle material, while decorative, also needs to be stabilized to prevent moisture absorption (which causes expansion and shifting). Toms knives have a typical blade hardness of 61 to 62 Rockwell hardness which is very hard. The biggest difference between one of Toms hand crafted knives and a commercial manufactured knife is that Toms knife design is unique and each knife is usually one of a kind, blade steel in a hand crafted knife is superior with harder steel to give you a sharper edge and much more resistant to wear ( stays sharper much longer.), and handles are much more decorative with unique grip designs.

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