The wonderful part about Sundog is the exhibitors with professionally laid out booths which are very accessible.
If Pyrography is an art form that you find fascinating , Carmen and Bruno Heinrichs have work to satisfy wide and varying tastes

Famous Artist Glen Scrimshaw is a regular exhibitor at Sundog. Both Limited Edition Reproductions and original one of a kind can be admired and purchased.

Popular Jeweller, Cecile Stewart of Winnipeg is with the show once again this year.
Local Artisan, Floreen Smith of Langham has fabric creations that can be used in a multitude of applications.
Hans Holtkamp is one of those artists that is both fascinating to watch at work and converse with, he is always willing to answer questions.
Sundog is famous for the atmosphere provided to 'Faire' goers, not only do we have some of the finest artists and crafters in Canada but, fine food and entertainment complete the package.
Wide open space for admiring and making purchases combined with easy access to nourishment and entertainment. That's why Sundog is one event that is eagerly awaited by many.

Fresh entertainment each hour: